I just got SUPER homesick. :( Someone come and cuddle with me and make me spam musubi and listen to Hawaiian music and watch Lilo and Stitch and eat li hing snacks and eat Hawaiian food (real Hawaiian food, not Hawaiian BBQ) and talk pidgin to me.

Don’t talk dirty to me.

Talk pidgin to me.

That’s the shit I want to hear right now.

I’m gonna make spam musubi for my students on Friday! I’m from Hawaii, but go to university on the mainland, and I intern at an elementary school. My kids are fourth graders, and I asked staff if spam musubi was too exotic (since I know lots of mainlanders don’t like spam), but my staff seemed really excited about it. They told my kids it was like spam sushi and they seemed to get excited about that, so I’m hoping they’ll be okay and at least try it. Because, you know, all it takes is that one bite to get hooked on spam musubi. Haha. I’m super excited to make it. I know it’ll either be a hit or a miss with them. I’m hoping it’s a hit! Fingers crossed! :)